Sales - The biggest challenge for B2B startups


In B2B startups, Sales and customer traction is the strongest driver of valuation and the main indicator of success and progress. However, at the same time, it is the biggest operational problem in most of them and the number 1 issue. According to one of our surveys, it is the most discussed topic in board meetings.




Sales requires a lot of experience and skills in the following key areas:


  • relationship building
  • psychology
  • negotiations
  • contracts


Those things are usually not part of the curriculum of an engineering or even business major at university. Sales strategies are also often counter-intuitive and their implementation requires a specific mindset.


However, most founders of high-tech startups have a technical background and no Sales experience. But still, Sales is heavily underestimated by many founders, they often try to do it themselves or with junior sales people for way too long.


Even if founders realise, that they need to hire experienced Sales people, it is extremely hard to find good ones that are also affordable and that both understand how to build up Sales from an early stage, but also to scale it.


Touro Solutions




We help startups to build up their Sales. We have worked for many startups and also Fortune 500 companies, we know how do it. Our work is fully operational and includes:


  • developing go-to-market strategies
  • building up the sales funnel
  • winning customers
  • building up sales processes and analytics incl. forecasting and board reporting
  • recruiting and enabling sales people


Operational Model


We work like virtual employees, completely integrated into the team and fully transparent. No blackbox, no sales outsourcing.




Our remuneration model is highly flexible and adapted to startup budgets. Therefore, you as a startup can afford such a strong experience and your sales costs highly correlate with your revenue and sales success.




We work with the best B2B software startups in Germany that are backed by the most renowned investores like UVC Partners, Cherry Ventures, Earlybird, Target Partners, eCAPITAL, etc.


Our clients include e.g. Build38, Loyalty Prime, Synera (formerly ELISE), OpenCampusNetviewer (now Citrix Systems, NASDAQ: CTXS), nfon (Prime Standard: NFN), Cuculus, and Market Logic.



Engaged, friendly and available



Highly flexible, virtual employment



Longterm, reliable partnership



Advanced analytics, constant improvement


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